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E-XMLMedia develops and distributes an XML toolkit for the manipulation of XML documents as data and for the manipulation of data as XML document. The toolkit provides support for data entry that generates XML documents, insertion of XML documents into a relational database, the extraction and transformation of relational data into XML documents, the direct storage of XML documents into a repository, and the support for an XML interface to legacy data sources so that they appear to be a single repository of XML documents. This functionality is provided in a single, integrated, coherent toolkit.

The e-XMLMedia toolkit consists of a collection of components integrated into the distributed architecture of the client. The result is a platform for the manipulation of XML as document and the manipulation of data as XML. This platform provides an effective and efficient basis for the development of applications that

  • Use a large number of forms for data entry,
  • Transfer XML into or out of a relational database,
  • virtual private server. Store large quantities of XML data, or
  • Integrate with legacy data sources.


In 1999, Georges Gardarin, professor of computer science at the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin, co-founded E-XMLMEDIA, in collaboration with industrial sponsors, to commercialize the innovative research results of the PRiSM database research laboratory.

Initial funding was provided by founder capital, the award money from winning a nation-wide New Enterprise Competition of the Ministry of Research of the French government, and by seed capital from Teamlog, S.A., a large system integration firm. In the last three years, E-XMLMEDIA has commercialized these research results and delivered convincing applications into the marketplace. These efforts resulted in a second round of funding provided by venture capital firms CDP Capital Technology Ventures and Thales Corporate Ventures yuasa np12-12 .

Relying on a strong financial backing and a maturing technology that targets exchange and integration of XML data, e-XMLMedia has expanded its development and consulting teams. The XML toolkit, strategic partnership agreements and its consulting services are the basis of E-XMLMEDIA's strength. In addition, US-XMLMEDIA, the US subsidiary, expands the company reach into North America under the direction of co-founder Anthony Tomasic.

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