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E-XMLmedia has the mission of leading the market in XML-based repositories, database, and integration middleware. E-XMLmedia consultants analyze requirements, develop designs, implement, optimize, integrates, and test XML-based solutions.

The company supports Java components for transforming, storing, querying and presenting XML contents. These components are specifically designed to be integrated into development environments as Java packages, Java Beans or Enterprise Java Beans. They are straight forward to deploy. They have simple and well defined APIs. They are currently used to:

  • Develop new generation WWW sites,
  • Provide the backend for Computer-Based Training (CBT) courses,
  • karate gym chicago Collect and integrate information from various stock trading systems,
  • Cache information in telecommunication systems, and
  • Provide the document storage structure for a legal document management system,

E-XMLmedia also provides consultants in 3/3 advanced architectures. Typical design engagements result in a detailed specification, development, testing and deployment plan that permits your current infrastructure to evolve naturally, reliably and without interrupt of service.

In addition, training courses are available to provide your engineers with in-depth understanding of XML and XML related software and services in the marketplace today and tomorrow.

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