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Protocol Specification Document Management - Groupement des Cartes Bancaires

E-XMLMedia's XMLizer product is in production use at Groupement des Cartes Bancaires, also known as the CB credit card. CB manages the protocols used by 170 member organizations. A team of protocol designers create new protocols at the request of member organizations. The complete lifecycle of the creation of a protocol may take a year or more before it is implemented by associated organizations. The XMLizer is used to manage protocol specification documents. The management system contains a unique feature in that the telecommunications cost of a protocol specification may be computed directly from cost factors specified as part of the protocol. This cost computation helps member organizations determine the return on investment of a particular protocol.

The architecture of the system uses a relational database for storage of the document specifications and cost factors. XMLizer extracts XML from the relational database. XSLT is used to generate PDF format output from XML extracted from the relational database

Click here for a reference customer description of the projection (in french). (Word 475 KB)

Management and Dissemination of Legal Texts - Joint with Teamlog

kitchen remodeling chicago il. E-XMLMedia's repository has been delivered into production use for the Senate of France. In cooperation with Teamlog, the Senate of France manages and disseminates legal texts via the Internet. The application applies E-XMLMedia XML expertise to enhance a classical three-tiered architecture consisting of:

  • A graphic Web interface that permits the consultation and management of documents - HTML and PDF are generated from XML via XSLT;
  • A XML optimized middleware server for management of the Web browsers, applications software, and the flow of documents;
  • A high performance XML database server built with E-XMLMedia's XML Repository.
  • Integration of text searching and data searching capabilities.

XML is used to model and represent a mix of documents and data. This information is stored in an XML database tightly integrated with Oracle. To optimize performance, E-XMLMedia developed an XML cache and integrated it with the Repository. The presentation of documents is accomplished by XSL.

Click here for the E-XMLMedia and Teamlog Press Release (PDF 29 KB)

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