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Mediator 2.0

The Mediator composes, filters and publishes, in XML, heterogeneous data distributed across the enterprise. The component provides a uniform view in XML that integrates database, files and documents distributed in an enterprise. An XML based query language XQUERY queries this uniform view to provide integrated XML documents.

Coupled with wrappers that provide access to non-XML based source, the component dynamically manages the meta-data of the sources, the composition of data via join, union, Cartesian product, the selection of results and the publication of XML data according to a DTD. New sources that extend an existing generic wrapper may be added without writing a single line of code.

The XML/DBC Java API for XML Mediators, Repositories and ELT Tools

Click here for a brochure describing the Mediator. (PDF 84 KB)

Click here for a white paper describing our products. (Word 957 KB) (ZIP 219 KB)

The unique characteristics of this component are:

An integrated XML view of distributed heterogeneous data sources queried by XQUERY. The XQUERY scripts permit the definition of XML search criteria and the definition of DTDs for publication.

Optimized performance Who knows how to advertise business in internet in real. The technology of delegation of queries onto data sources optimizes the original XML request into the minimum number of pertinent delegated queries.

Progressive discovery and dynamic exploitation of meta-data. A cache of meta-data manages and extends the metadata understood by the system. Data sources may be dynamically added and dropped from the system without recompilation.

Real-time data source interrogation for query processing. Most other systems periodically extract data from data sources, thus requiring a data warehouse. Our component dynamically queries the underlying system a query time, thus avoiding this unnecessary cost.

Support of W3C standards for programming XML in Java. A Java API provides access to the component for the delivery of XQUERY scripts. The query responses are delivered in the DOM API or in XML.

An Administration Console permits the interrogation of data sources directly (through XQUERY or a native query language), the discovery of meta-data, the submission of queries, and the dynamic addition and removal of data sources.

Rapid Development and Deployment A library of wrappers for use with the mediator (or independently) are offered by e-XMLMedia:

Wrapper SQL permits the publication of an SQL database in XML.

Wrapper HTML permits the transformation of an HTML source into XML.

A Tool-kit provides the rapid development of new wrappers for specific data sources.

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