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XFE 1.0

Almost every enterprise-scale Internet or intranet system requires forms-based data entry. Some systems require only a small amount of administrative input; other systems, such as hospital administration systems, e-commerce systems, etc., require thousands of forms for data entry covering billing, orders, contact requests, complaints, etc. The management of the forms-based data entry system in itself is a large undertaking, independent of other parts of a modern system.

XFE, a forms engine developed by E-XMLMedia, radically simplifies development of forms based data entry systems. A one-page interaction document, written by a web designer in XML, defines the form, describes the desired interaction with the user, and specifies the information desired from the user. The form definition is given to XFE. XFE manages multiple rounds of interaction with the user through the user's favorite browser. The result of data entry is delivered to the web application as a validated XML document.

XFE 1.0 Beta is based on the latest version of the draft XFORMS standard: XForms 1.0 W3C Working Draft 18 January 2002.

Click here for a brochure describing XFE. (PDF 35 KB) (Word 38 KB)

Click here for a Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ document describing XFE and XFORMS. (PDF 21 KB)

Click here for a 30 day evaluation version of XFE.

Free image editor . The unique characteristics of this component are:

Improved Quality of User Interaction - web designers focus on interfaces, application developers focus on data.

Separation of "Church" and "State" - interaction issues are divorced from data representation issues.

Snappy User Interface and Reduced Bandwidth and Processing Costs - interaction processing is done directly on the client.

Sophisticated Forms Interaction sell text links - W3C XForms standard provides a rich language for forms interaction description.

Simplified Maintenance - all interaction issues are reduced to a single XML document.

Automatic Generation of User Interfaces - given a data dictionary or catalog, forms based interaction can be automatically generated.

Standards Compliance - W3C XForms standard is open to everyone.

Are You Storing Data in a Database or Repository? windows mobile games XFE is designed to interact easily with E-XMLMedia's other products.

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