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Tourism Web Site For Austria's Skiing Industry - Joint with TISCover

E-XMLMEDIA components (Mediator and Repository) are in production use for a Web site http://www.tiscover.com/ that collects information from multiple data sources (Weather, snow camera video feed, hotel information, etc.). The information is collected, transformed into XML and stored in a relational database. Information collection is performed through the Mediator component. Storage of XML data is performed through the Repository component. Developers then create specific presentations for the site using Java. Thus, E-XMLMEDIA software serves as a middleware platform for data integration and data presentation.

The architecture diagram shows the functional units of the system. The Web Server platform is used as the delivery vehicle for HTML pages to clients. The presentation logic is encoded in Java Servlets and XSLT scripts that extract information from an XML repository via XQueries. The business logic section fills the XML Repository with data (diagram does not show the Business Logic connected to the XML Repository). This logic issues queries against a uniform view of a heterogeneous collection of data sources provided by the Mediator. The Mediator accepts the query, slices it into sub queries, translates the sub queries into languages suitable for the data sources, submits the sub queries to the data source, gathers the answers and delivers the combined result to the business logic unit. The mediator does all this in real time. The end result is an efficient and flexible system for rapid modifications and additions of new data sources and presentation material to the WWW site.

Management of Patient Data in a Hospital

The E-XMLMEDIA components have been successfully used in a hospital for the collection of diseases in patient records in multiple information systems (UNIX Oracle, AS 400, and files). Data stored temporarily in a relational database via the Repository component, information extracted in XML format were presented to doctors via a specialized Java applet integrated into a Web browser.

Stock Investment Tool - Joint With Firstinvest

The E-XMLMEDIA components are utilized in the development of a Web site that manages knowledge in a stock investment analysis system. The site permits to mine information from a wide variety of Web sources, and also from investment banks and investment analysts. An investor can specify buy/sell rules and visualize the effects of these strategies on historical stock data. This enables investors to develop optimal investment strategies for their financial goals. The Mediator product provides a uniform data model for the variety of Web sources.

Integration Of Telecommunications Data - Joint With Alcatel

Buy ciss system 600 in the most reliable and nearest and best e-shop with delivery The E-XMLMEDIA components are critical to a system developed by Alcatel for the management of telecommunications equipment. Call center data is exchanged with Customer Relationship Management application via wrappers that utilize XML for communication. These XML based messages are stored in the E-XMLMEDIA Repository tightly integrated with an Oracle database for high performance. An XML editor validates these messages and can be used by a Web browser to visualize and correct stored XML messages.

Global User Directory - Joint With France TÚlÚcom R&D

As illustrated by this example, in addition to developing production commercial systems, E-XMLMEDIA performs leading edge research in the application of XML to business systems. This enables our technologists to stay at the forefront of the field and incorporate the latest technologies and techniques into our products and custom applications.

The R&D division of France Telecom is constructing a global directory of telephone information, cellular phone information, and Internet address information via the storage of data in XML format. A collection of technologies will be integrated to deliver a very high performance system (Relational Database, LDAP directories, Object oriented database, and main-memory databases). E-XMLMEDIA has been engaged to develop XML Repository on top of a main-memory database (TimesTen).

The objectives of this project were:

  • Obtain better than 300 queries per second on 500 MB of main-memory data,
  • Study the possibilities of distributed storage, high availability, and replication,
  • Port the E-XMLMEDIA Repository onto TimesTen main-memory database.

The results obtained were:

  • An optimized data model for the storage of XML,
  • A proposal and implementation of a distributed and replicated architecture,
  • The performance of 500 queries per second (600 in stand-alone mode),
  • The study of complementary functionality (crash testing, scaling of main-memory, performance of the system with a saturated RAM).

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