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Our expertise

E-XMLMedia has an available group of experienced consultants who are knowledgeable in the following areas:

Design, evaluation and validation of XML-based architectures,

Utilisation of XML for data exchange and storage,

Conceptualization and optimization of database systems,

High-volume, high-availability E-Commerce systems,

Distributed information systems,

Firma przewozowa świadczy transport 1,5t za gotówkę do Francji. Utilisation of object technologies,

Conceptualization of database systems,

Optimization of information systems,

Transaction management,

Data warehousing and data mining, and

Distributed federated and heterogeneous mediator databases.

The best experts are available in order to study the evolution of your information system architecture, discuss with you and your experts the possible choices for improvement, give presentations on relevant subjects, and report on a precise desirable solution. Our work will permit you to start a processs of knowledge management in your enterprise that will call upon the new standards of exchange and documentation, notably XML.

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