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With the rapid adoption of XML as a standard for data exchange within organizations and across the Internet, new opportunities have been created for the integration of information. For example, integration of supply chain information, improved transparency in logistic networks, improved reporting financial information for retail consumers, integration of genome information from geographically diverse sources and EDI based electronic commerce between businesses. The implementation of solutions to leverage these opportunities remains a difficult task due to lack of an integrated set of tools for managing XML data and documents in all situations. E-XMLMEDIA is a services and software vendor that provides advice and software tools to rapidly develop and deploy solutions based on XML technology. We solve problems such as:

  • Storage and transformation of massive XML repositories,
  • Data integration of legacy sources based on XML,
  • Forms based data entry via XML, and
  • XML based support for Enterprise Application Integration and Electronic Commerce

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Flyttning i Stockholm Methodology

E-XMLMEDIA projects employ a methodology tailored to the unique challenges of data integration and storage in XML based systems. Because we understand the promise and the pitfalls of XML, our methodology insures management of project risk and the delivery of working systems that meet a business need within a specified budget.

Requirements Document

E-XMLMEDIA will create a Requirements Document to clearly define the scope of the work. The Requirements Document will be created based on our meetings with the project sponsors, an assessment of the client's existing systems and infrastructure, and our experience in working with the technologies being used in this project. In the case that the client already has created a requirements document, E-XMLMEDIA will review the document and provide a written critique.

Rapid Prototyping

E-XMLMEDIA uses rapid prototyping for solution development. Rapid prototyping focuses on quickly generating a working model of an application that demonstrates the major functionality and address the most critical technical challenges.

The prototype enables business users to gain hands-on experience with an application early in the development cycle. This method leads to a more productive input from the business and a higher success rate for the project. The methodology follows these steps:

Requirements Analysis: E-XMLMEDIA analyzes the data requirements and workflows that need to be supported by the application. We apply the 80/20 rule to determine which requirements will be supported in the initial prototype.

Architecture Design: We develop an application architecture that addresses the technical challenges of implementation including: data access, XML Repository design, XML Mediator design, XML Schema message design, integration with other software products, server configuration, data replication, and performance. A high level functional and component architecture is defined and described in detail. Then an interface level definition of interactions between components is described. Pseudo code of important modules is specified. Typically this architecture will depend heavily on and leverage the properties of XML for data exchange and data modeling.

User Interface Design: (Optional) If the client requires assistance, we work with a pilot group of users to prototype the user interface. This step involves GUI development using tools.

Rapid Prototyping: During the first pass of the methodology, we implement a functional model of the application. This prototype includes a complete user interface and support for all workflows. The prototype is constructed and its operation demonstrates the feasibility of an industrial system in solving the given problem. The prototype typically consists of a combination of E-XMLMEDIA components and other tools and components required by the client. During subsequent passes through the methodology, this prototype is refined into an industrial strength system.

Acceptance Testing: We present the prototype to the pilot group for usability testing. The prototype is demonstrated, utilized and evaluated, notably in terms of functionality, performance, reliability, depth of testing, and ease of deployment. Their feedback is incorporated into the design to ensure that the system meets business needs.

System Delivery: The system is deployed in the Client enterprise system in several steps, complete with regression testing against a staging server and testing against the production system. The resulting system is completely integrated with the client's development and operational teams and continued support is provided to insure continued viability of the system. We work closely with your staff to train users and technical support staff. We produce well-tested and documented systems. The result is a reliable production system delivered on time and within budget.

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